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These Are A Few Of Our Favorite Things: August

August has come to an end, and so have all things summer. Everyone is gearing up for fall except for me. With every passing season, the kids get a little older, a little less innocent, and a lot more attitude (lol), so I’m holding onto summer with all I’ve got. Plus, it’s still like a thousand degrees here!

Here’s a recap of our favorite things from the month of August.

Most purchased item:

christeen wearing the eight dollar v neck tee from target

The Target $8 basic tee! I have these tees in every color and I’m not even kidding when I say that I wear them almost every day! They are super comfy, not too thin, and they keep their shape wash after wash. They run TTS, but size up if you want to knot it.

Most engaged Instagram post:

Christeen wearing a FRIENDS shirt.

In this Instagram post, I reintroduced myself to my friends, aka you guys! I loved sharing some random facts about myself, but my favorite part was learning some things about you! This FRIENDS tee was also a fan favorite.

Most read blog post:

It’s a three-way tie!

I shared Ten Beauty Products I Use Everyday towards the end of August, but It got more views than most of my earlier posts. July’s most read post was also a beauty post, so I’m thinking that’s what Y’all like to see, and I can’t wait to bring you more!

With school starting in August, it’s no wonder that my Tips For A Stress-Free Morning On The First Day Of School post was at the top of the list. I hope you found at least one tip that worked for you!

The third post that you all loved was These Are A Few Of Our Favorite Things: July. I love a good recap as much as the next gal, so I will happily post one each month 🙂

Most saved pin on Pinterest:

Christeen with her son and daughter in a family photo

Same as last month (it’s just that good)! My sister-in-law took this photo during a family photo sesh a couple of years ago. These are great to save for outfit and pose inspiration! PS- If you’re not following me on Pinterest, what are you waiting for? I like to pin recipes I won’t make, and workouts I won’t do!

My current obsession:

The Original Makeup Eraser. I cannot even believe how well this thing works! You wet the cloth with water, and it cleans off ALL of your makeup, including waterproof mascara and eyeliner. It’s reusable and machine washable. They say it’s good for 1000 washes. It’s one of the Ten Beauty Products I Use Everyday. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this thing is MAGICAL!

These are a few of our favorite things from August! I hope you enjoyed looking back on the month as much as I do. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram, please and thank you 🙂

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Ten Beauty Products I Use Everyday

Hello Beauties!

I want to share ten beauty products that I use everyday. These are the products that I have repurchased time and time again. The products that I reach for on the daily. The products that I know are going to work for me. Don’t get me wrong, I love trying new beauty products just as much as the next girl, but there just some things that are tried and true. When it works, it works, you know?

I have tried so many different brands of dry shampoo, and this Perk Up Dry Shampoo by Amika is my favorite by far! It soaks up any extra oil on my scalp and doesn’t leave any nasty residue. Plus, it smells good, so there’s that 🙂
I wear this Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream with SPF 50+ by It Cosmetics almost every day. It’s a full coverage foundation, SPF, and anti-aging skincare all rolled into one. There is also an Oil-Free Matte option that is great if you have oily skin, and an Illumination Cream option that gives you more of a dewy finish. I wear this in the shade light.
I use this Under Eye Brightening Corrector by Becca every day, whether I wear makeup or not. It really brightens the under eye and covers up dark circles, making you instantly look more awake.
I’ve tried so many finishing powders, from high end to drug store, and this Smooth Operator Amazonian Clay Finishing Powder by Tarte, is the only one I’ve found that doesn’t settle into my wrinkles or make my skin look super dry.
I am no good at brows, so this Gimme Brow by Benefit is a life saver for me. The tiny brush fills in your brows, brushes them, and locks them into place. It’s seriously fool proof!
I purchased this Just Peachy Velvet Matte palette by Too Faced over a year ago, and it has been my go-to ever since. The peachy shades are so versatile and can be used all year round. I featured this palette in My Everyday Summer Makeup Routine post.
I’m in the car a lot, and the sun always seems to be shining on me. I bought this Makeup Setting Spray with SPF 30 by Coola to help protect my neck and chest. I’ve tried different sunscreens, but they all made me break out, and left my skin feeling greasy. This spray isn’t greasy at all and feels like I have nothing on. It also makes my makeup last all day!
I discovered The Original MakeUp Eraser a couple of months ago, and I’m obsessed1 It really does take off all of your makeup, including mascara, with just water. It is reusable and machine washable.
I have been using this Clarifying Lotion by Clinique for almost 10 years now. I seriously cannot go without this stuff. I use this after washing my face by applying it to a cotton round, and swiping over my face. No matter how clean I think my skin is, there’s always dirt left over.  This stuff gets out all of the grime way down deep. I use the number one because it is formulated for very dry skin, but they have options for combination and oily skin also.
I just finished my third bottle of this Maracuja Oil by Tarte (which is why it isn’t pictured, I need a restock!). I use this as a face oil every night before moisturizing, and it leaves my skin feeling so soft and hydrated in the morning. I also use it on the ends of my hair from time to time to helps with split ends!
These are my ten ride or die beauty products! I added some other favorites at the end of this post.
What products are on your must-have list? Let me know in the comments below, and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram 🙂

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Conner’s Twelfth Birthday Recap

Conner turned twelve last week, and we had a great time celebrating his special day. It’s a tradition of ours to let the birthday kid plan out our whole day, from where we eat, to what we do. They look forward to this day all year long, and we love making their birthday all about them!

We started the morning with presents! Conner got a gaming chair, the Hunger Games trilogy, a new Phone Case, a football, and a fresh copy of The Order of the Phoenix (his previous copy was worn out).

Conner with a bacon and egg bagel at Einstein Bros.

We had a quick breakfast at Einstein Bros., then Conner had gymnastics practice.

Conner on his twelfth birthday

After practice, we headed to Sushi Garden for lunch. Conner eats like a growing boy should, and sushi can be expensive, so the lunch buffet is our friend!


Next, we hit up Autobahn Indoor Speedway for some go-Kart racing.  Aaron and the kids had a blast, but it was pretty pricey (definitely a special occasion kind of thing). Kids get one free race during their birthday month, so we took advantage of that!

Conner at Barnes and Noble with his free birthday cookie

Our next stop was the bookstore. Every year, since the Conner was 2, we’ve taken him to Barnes & Noble to choose a new book and to get a cookie from the cafe (sign up for the B&N Kid’s Club, to get a free cupcake or cookie on your child’s birthday). We’ve also taken them to Toys R Us every year to pick out a new toy, but that didn’t happen this year lol.

Conner wanted to see a movie, so we did that next. We saw Ant-Man and the Wasp, and it was pretty good.

Conner with his birthday cake at Carrabba's italian grill

We ended the day with a wonderful dinner at Carrabba’s. They brought Conner a huge piece of cake, which he was too full to eat lol.

All in all, Conner had a great birthday! We had so much fun spending the day together as a family, celebrating our almost teenager. We are so proud of the young man he is becoming, and we can’t wait to see what the future had in store for him.

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Momcation: The Good, The Bad, And The Guilt

MOMCATION: A break from one’s motherly duties (Urban Dictionary)

Moms work hard. We are everything for our kids, and are there to attend to their every need. We are their nurses, teachers, chefs, taxi drivers, friends, disciplinarians, and everything in between. We are often so busy making sure that our families are taken care of, that we forget to take care of ourselves.

I’ve been a stay at home mom for 12 years now, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. I truly love being there for my kids 100%, but every once in a while, Mama needs a freakin break!

A few months ago, I took a cruise with a friend of mine. I left the hubby and kids at home for a total of eight days. The cruise lasted 4 days, and we spent a couple of days in Miami after we got back to port. We got to see and experience so much, and it was a blast. This was my first Momcation. Here’s the good, the bad, and the guilt:

Christeen standing on a yellow brdige in Nassau, Bahamas


The best part about a momcation, is not being responsible for anyone but yourself. Even when Aaron and I are kid-free, I still have certain wifely duties to attend to (not just that, you dirty birdie).

I only had to carry my own stuff. Did I mention that moms are also pack mules? Somehow we end up carrying that sweater that you told them it was too hot to wear. The “treasures” they find that are usually rocks or garbage (anyone else’s kid do this?). The book they brought because they thought they were going to read it while walking around, then decided mom was right when she said to leave it in the car.

I could eat ethnic/fancy/trendy/healthy food without having to listen to my picky eaters complain. “It’s too spicy.” “What is this green stuff?” “Do they have chicken tenders?”

I didn’t have to be a chauffeur. I didn’t have to drive across town 5 times to school, and dance, and gymnastics. In fact, someone else drove ME around. And it was glorious.

I didn’t have to listen to my darling children screaming their heads off at each others. No fighting, no arguing.

Sweet Silence.

Christeen and family on a duck boat in Washington DC



I missed my family terribly. Everything I saw reminded me of them. I wished they were there to share some of those moments with me. I’d see something and think, “Conner would love that!” Alexis would think that’s so cool!” “Aaron would love this place!” Everything reminded me of them.

As nice as it was to not have to worry about them, I worried about them. How was everyone holding up? What if someone got sick or hurt, and I wasn’t there?

Conner did end up getting Pink Eye while I was away, and Aaron had a hard time getting the drops in his eyes (They both have a thing with eyeballs. Aaron was grossed out getting that close to one, and Conner flinched every time something came near him. That would’ve been funny to see :D).


I was so excited to take this trip, but from the moment we booked it, I found myself feeling guilty. Thoughts like “I shouldn’t be away that long.” and “I shouldn’t have spent that much money on myself.” started to creep in.

As the trip drew closer, my guilt grew deeper. I knew it was going to be tough on all of them, and I knew I shouldn’t put them through that just so I could have some fun.

Why did I deserve a vacation when my husband, who actually has a paying job, never gets to go on a vacation of his own? How could I expect him to take care of the kids while still having to work for over a week? (Aaron never made me feel bad for one second, in fact, he encouraged me to go. This guilt was all my own.)

I pushed it all down deep. “I deserve this” I told myself. And I pushed the guilt down so far that I almost forgot it was there, and I had the time of my life.

Christeen relaxing in South Beach Miami, FL


I can’t say whether I actually deserved that momcation or not, but what I do know is, I enjoyed it, and everyone survived. Aaron did a great job, and although he didn’t do everything my way, he held down the fort quite well. I think my being away was actually beneficial for the whole family. I got a break from my daily duties, Aaron got to spend more time with the kids, and I think the kids appreciated me more when I got back. Overall, I’m glad I went! Like I said, I was able to let loose and have fun like I’ve never done before. The world didn’t end, and the fam managed just fine.

So moms, take that momcation! Convince some mom friends to go with you, or go by yourself. Mom guilt is very real, and completely normal, but don’t let it keep you from enjoying some time to yourself. And it’s okay to not feel guilty too! Either way, get out there, leave your kids and you worries behind, and tear it up!

Have you taken a momcation? Did you feel guilty at all? Let me know in the comments below, and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram


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Tips For A Stress-Free Morning On The First Day Of School

It’s August, and that means back to school! The first day of school can sneak up on us, and it can be quite a stressful morning if you’re not prepared. We are used to staying up late, sleeping in, and lounging around in our jammies for most of the day. I’ve found some things you can do in the weeks before school starts to make that first morning a little less stressful for everyone!


We are definitely not early birds around here, so waking up early can be a challenge for all of us. Don’t wait for the first day of school to set your alarm! We start setting our alarms about two weeks before school starts. We start at the time we’ve been waking up all summer (about 8:30 am for us), and we wake up 15 minutes earlier each day until we are waking up at our school wake up time (5:30 am). This lets your body gradually adjust to the early wake up time, and saves everyone a lot of stress and emotion on the first day of school.


Do you have a chalkboard sign with your kid’s age, grade, etc that you want to take pictures with? Fill it out the night before! This will save time in the morning so you can snap the pics you want, without stressing for time. Don’t forget to wake up a few minutes early for that back-to-school photo sesh.


Before going shopping for new school clothes, consider cleaning out the kid’s closets and dressers. We go through every piece of clothing and pair of shoes. Anything with holes or stains gets thrown out, and anything too small is given to their younger cousins. I make my kids help me with this. They separate everything into three piles: Throw away, Give away, and Keep. Then, I go through each pile with them, making them try on anything that is questionable (you wouldn’t believe some of the things they try to keep or throw away lol). This allows you to see exactly what they need for school, and makes room to put all of their new things.


I know we’ve all heard this one, but it’s easy to forget. First day of school outfits are a big deal to some kids (Alexis cares, Conner doesn’t lol). Have the kids actually try on their outfit the day before. We all know that sometimes when we love an outfit in our heads, it doesn’t always look like we want it to on our bodies. Having them try on their outfits the day before, will ensure that they feel confident about their choice, and will eliminate unforeseen stress in the morning!


a basket of snack that are easy to grab and go

Having snacks readily available to grab-and-go saves so much time in the mornings. The kids can just grab a snack and throw it in their backpack. Check out my post on how I make a Grab and Go Snack Basket!


If you are planning to pack a lunch for your kids, do it the night before. This will be one less thing to worry about in the morning. I like to make their lunch, then pack everything into their lunchbox, and put the whole lunchbox in the fridge. In the morning, I throw in an ice pack and they’re good to go!

I hope you found some of these tips helpful in making your first day of school as seamless and stress-free as possible!

Did you try any of my tips? Do you have any good tips to add? Let me know in the comments below, and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram!


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These Are A Few Of Our Favorite Things: July

I can’t believe it’s already the end of July! The kids start school next week, and I feel like summer is officially over (except for the eternal heat here in the desert). Here’s a recap of what my beautiful followers loved the most 🙂

Most purchased item:

// shared this makeup setting spray with SPF in an Ulta haul at the beginning of the month, and I’ve been loving it ever since! I got this to spray on my chest and neck for sun protection, but I’m also loving the way it sets my makeup. It does have kind of a strong smell when you first spray it, but it goes away pretty quickly. It’s a very fine, refreshing mist, and doesn’t feel greasy like most sunscreens.

Most engaged Instagram post:

Christeen's Instagram post wearing a pajama set from target with a cactus mug

You all loved this cute and comfy pajama set from Target, and I don’t blame you! Sleeping in matching jammies makes you feel grown up AF (even if you still say jammies lol). And this cactus mug comes in a set with a banana mug! It just doesn’t get any better. I love this photo too, because I was still really tan from my vacation (and when I say really tan, I mean slightly tan, as in, non-transparent, which for me, is really tan).

Most read blog post:

Everyday summer makeup

My most read blog post of July, was also my most recent, My Everyday Summer Makeup Routine. In this post, I share all of the products I use for an easy, glowy, summer look. Go give it a read if you haven’t already!

Most saved pin on Pinterest:

Christeen with her son and daughter in a family photo

My sister-in-law took this photo during a family photo sesh a couple of years ago. These are great to save for outfit and pose inspiration! PS- If you’re not following me on Pinterest, what are you waiting for? I like to pin recipes I won’t make, and workouts I won’t do!

My current obsession:


The iced lavender latte! I heard about this about a year ago, but I couldn’t find one. I was tipped off to one here in Tucson a few weeks ago, and when I tried it, it was like the latte Gods were smiling down on me. Needless to say, I’m hooked! I feel like I can never drink a boring ol’ vanilla latte ever again in my life! If you’re local, head to Tucson Coffee Roasters to try a lavender latte (it’s not on the menu, but they will make it if you ask for it)!

These are a few of our favorite things from July! I hope you enjoyed this little recap. If you’d like to see a recap at the end of every month, let me know in the comments below. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram, please and thank you 🙂


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My Everyday Summer Makeup Routine

Hey babes!

When it’s ten thousand degrees outside, the last thing I feel like doing is taking the time to put on a full face of makeup. I personally like to keep my everyday makeup routine quick and easy so that my face looks fresh, light, and natural, while giving my skin protection from the sun. Here’s my go-to routine:

I always start with a primer. This helps your foundation apply more evenly, and keeps your face from melting off. I love this primer in the summer because it’s a light and refreshing spray.

I use a damp makeup sponge to apply my foundation. I love this CC Cream because it offers light, buildable coverage, and has SPF 50 to protect your face from the sun.

Christeen everyday summer makeup look

Next I go in with this under eye color corrector to cancel out my dark circles, and this drugstore concealer that is very lightweight and perfect for everyday (and it doesn’t settle into your wrinkles!).

I got this setting powder in either my Sephora Play! box, or my Ipsy bag (I can’t remember which) a few months back and I’m in love! I use this to set my concealer, so it stays in place all day.

This is my all time favorite blush for summer, or anytime of year really. This light peachy shade looks so fresh and natural, and it smells amazing! Don’t forget to add that highlight to the tops of your cheek bones and down the bridge of your nose for extra summer glow!

I realized as I was linking everything, that my favorite eyeshadow palette is sold out 😦 But don’t fret, this pallete by the same brand has similar shades to give you the same, fresh look.

I tend to lean towards lip gloss over lipstick in the summer. I love how the glossy finish pulls together my glowing summer look. This and this are two of my current favorites. Another big reason to stick with lip gloss in the summer? It won’t melt in your car! (For more of my favorite lipgloss, read My Lip Gloss Is Poppin)

I like to use black eyeliner in my waterline because I feel like it makes my blue eyes pop. For a more natural look, use a nude eyeliner. This will also help you look more awake, and makes your eyes appear larger.

This is the best product I have found for quick, natural, fool-proof brows. You really can’t mess it up!

I like to finish off the look with a couple of coats of mascara. I bounce between a few different types, but I really like the way this one adds length and volume without looking too clumpy.

The last step is to set my look with this spray that keeps your makeup from separating and looking cakey. Then, just for good measure, I go in with this setting spray that has SPF 30. I spray this over my face, neck, and chest, for added sun protection.

So that’s it for my everyday summer makeup routine! I realize that it kind of seems like a lot when it’s all typed out, but I promise, it’s super quick and easy!

Follow me on Instagram for a get ready with me using this routine! It will be saved to my highlights under “Beauty”.

What are some of your favorite everyday beauty products for summer? Tell me in the comments below!


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Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day is here, and there are some great deals as always! There are deals on everything from electronics to fashion and more. You must have a Prime Membership to shop the sale.

If you don’t have Amazon Prime, you are seriously missing out! Free two day shipping on pretty much anything has saved my butt so many times! You can sign up for a free 30 day trial here. You can cancel at any time, so use it to shop the sale, then cancel it if you want to (but you probably won’t!).

Now’s the time to get that Kindle or Alexa you’ve been wanting, or

I’m going to keep this short and sweet, and dive right into the deals!







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Cruise Essentials: Miscellaneous

Before packing for my cruise, I searched and scoured the world-wide web for every cruise hack known to man. There were a lot! Some of the things I didn’t end up needing, but I’m glad that I had them just in case. I wanted to make sure that I had every item I could possibly need because let’s face it, there’s no Target out in the middle of the ocean (but how awesome would that be?). I compiled a list of all the miscellaneous items that helped make my first cruise a breeze.

Also check out Cruise Essentials: Beauty Products

We sailed aboard the Carnival Sensation.

Power strip– There were only 2 outlets in our cabin, and with phone chargers and hair tools galore, that just was not going to cut it. This power strip was a necessity. Make sure you get a non-surge power strip to be cruise compliant.

Shower caps– Cheap, disposable shower caps are perfect to put around the bottom of your shoes before you pack them. This keeps the clothes in your suitcase from getting dirty.

You can see the lanyard here.

Lanyard– Your room key also acts as your ID and form of payment while on the ship, so keeping it handy is a must! I bought these lanyards, and we kept them around our necks. These even have a pulley feature, so that we didn’t have to remove them or take our ID’s out to be scanned!

Luggage Tags– The cruise line issues you printable luggage tags that are to be taped or stapled to your bags. Since they are just paper, they can easily be ripped off, or get wet if it rains. These luggage tags are water tight, and attach with a metal clasp, ensuring that your tag stays intact, and that your luggage doesn’t get lost.

My current favorite Sunnies!

Sunglasses– Don’t forget your sunnies! Whether you’re lounging by the pool, or walking the deck, sunnies are a must. These are my current faves.

Probiotics– Anybody else get travel tummy? You know, when you’re traveling and you get super bloated, and maybe stopped up? Taking probiotics greatly helps with these issues! I take these daily, whether traveling or not.

Magnetic clips– A few articles that I read said that stateroom walls are metal, so magnetic clips would be useful for keeping papers and such organized on the walls and off of the desk. Our wall were not magnetic, so these didn’t work out for us. Cool concept though.


Watch– Clocks are not readily available to around the ship, and with no cell service, there’s not really a reason to carry your phone around all the time. Having a watch was a lifesaver when roaming the ship.  This watch from Welly Merck is such a beautiful piece, it’s like a piece of functional jewelry. Use code: Christeen15 for 15% off of any order!

Laundry Detergent– The ship has laundry, though I didn’t use it or see it, so I’m not sure how it works. Laundry detergent was recommended, and I’m glad I brought some. I did end up using it to hand wash some items in the sink.

Tide Pen– This is a staple purse item whether traveling or not! I have kids who spill things. I spill things. My husband spill things. Everybody and their mother spills things (and if you don’t, teach me your ways!). Tide pens save lives, get one (the lives of clothes, but still)!

Wrinkle Release Spray– There is not an iron in the cabin, and we all know how wrinkled our clothes tend to be when we pull them out of the suitcase. Wrinkle release spray saves the day, and keeps you looking crisp!

Umbrella and Rain Coat– Fo’ Drizzle (Please let someone get that haha!).

fo drizzle

Flashlight– Just in case of a power outage situation. Don’t forget the batteries!

Sunscreen– Lobsters, while delicious, are not cute. You don’t want to look like one! Wear sunscreen, look cute, and don’t get skin cancer.

First Aid Kit– There is a Dr. onboard, but it’s a good idea to have a basic first aid kit with bandaids and such so you can take care of minor injuries yourself and get back to the fun!

This monogrammed tote is beautiful, and the perfect size for travel!

Tote– A big bag to hold all the things. This is the one I brought with me. It’s a great size, and monogrammed!

Blow Dryer– This is one thing I didn’t bring, but I wish I would have! Everything I read said that there would be a blow dryer in the cabin, but ours didn’t have one. You can imagine how annoyed I was! I was trying to look cute every second, (in case I ran into one of the Backstreet Boys, or course) and I did NOT have time for air drying! This one is a mini, travel size.

Sea sickness prevention:

I’m prone to motion sickness, so I wasn’t about to mess around with the possibility of getting sea sick! I paid a lot of money to cruise with those boys and I didn’t want to miss a single second! I bought and used all of these options, and I was okay! I put on the patches and the bands before I even got on the boat, so I’m not sure which one (if not both, or neither) were working for me.

Here you can see the grey Sea Band, and the nude band on the other wrist (just under the purple wristband).

Patches– Everyone I talked to said that the patches are prescription only, but I found these on Amazon! You put one behind each ear.

Acupressure Bands– These are worn on the wrist and press on a pressure point that prevents nausea. I like these better than the sea bands, because they are nude, so they don’t look as weird lol. These also have aromatherapy. If you get a wave of nausea, take a whiff of your band for instant relief.

Natural Dramamine– Our second day on the cruise was pretty rocky. This is the only day that I felt a little bit sick, so I took some of this natural Dramamine. It definitely helped!

Sea-Band– These were slightly more comfortable than the other bands, but so not cute! I did end up switching to this on one wrist, bacuse the other one was very uncomfortable, but just on the one side. Not sure what happened there, but one of each worked just fine lol.

There you go, all of the random crap I brought on my cruise! I hope this list helps anyone who has booked, or is thinking of booking a cruise! It was truly an amazing experience, and I can’t wait to take the hubs and the kids on a cruise someday! Stay tuned for a full recap of the Backstreet Boys cruise, including lots of pictures of the guys!

Are you a seasoned cruiser? What would you add to this list?

PS- Are you following me on Instagram? I share lots of sales, try-ons, and beauty buys, along with everyday life! Come say hi 🙂

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Last-Minute Gifts for Dads



Father’s Day is just a few days away, and if you’re anything like me (Mrs. Procrastination), you still haven’t gotten a gift for the Dads in your life. Don’t worry!  Amazon Prime makes buying last-minute gifts super easy and convenient. With free two-day shipping on almost anything you can think of, your Dad will have a super cool gift to open on Father’s Day. I won’t tell him that you forgot until last-minute if you don’t 😉

*If you don’t have Prime, I highly suggest it! It has saved my butt more than once. While this post does contain affiliate links, it is not sponsored, I’m just obsessed! You can sign up for a free 30 day trial here.

I’ve rounded up some super cool gift ideas that Dad is sure to love. My husband helped me with this post, and he either owns, or wants to own everything on this list! All items include free two-day shipping with Amazon Prime.

Click on item photo to shop 🙂


This laptop backback is more stylish and comfortable to carry than a traditional briefcase. This one features an external USB charging port. 

If you know a Dad with an ATV, this one is for him! I showed this to my Husband and he said it would be a super cool gift to get (maybe that’s a hint for me?). Dad can attach these lights to the top of his ATV for extra light during those night-time rides.

Dads work hard, and coffee helps keep them going strong. This is the coffee maker that I have and love. Whether he likes specialty drinks, or just a plain old cuppa Joe, this Ninja Coffee Bar is sure to be a gift Dad will love!
If your Dad’s a tool guy, he knows that Dewalt is one of the best names out there. Surprise him with a new Dewalt drill set, complete with battery and charger. If he already has a Dewalt drill, consider purchasing him some new batteries. The batteries tend to go bad long before the drill itself.
If you know dads, you know that the less they have to keep track of, the better! Eliminate the need to carry a wallet with this wallet phone case. This one is sleek, stylish, and very durable. My husband has used this case for years, and fits more in it than I think he’s supposed to. He is definitely not easy on his phone, and he hasn’t cracked a screen with this case (so far… knock on wood).

Everyone loves a good Dad joke, whether you like to admit it or not. Get Dad a funny tee to go with his witty (?) humor.

Because Dads like you call you out on your BS, and because they like to push big, red buttons.

I hope something on this list gave you an idea of what to get your dad (or your kid’s dad). It’s not too late to order and get your gift in time for Father’s Day! Remember, however, that the best gift you can give is your time. Make sure to spend some time with your dad if you are able, it will mean the world to them 🙂

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